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Burkart Leads Highway 169 Corridor Coalition Meeting with Congresswoman Angie Craig

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

August 27, 2020 SCALE TRAINING FACILITY Jordan, MN

Highway 169 Corridor Coalition Chair Kevin Burkart convened a consortium of local, county, state and national representatives to meet with Congresswoman Angie Craig and her staff.

The objective was a push for federal funding for the Highway 169/282 interchange in Jordan. This dangerous intersection represents the last stoplight on the Highway 169 corridor between the Twin Cities and St. Peter. Removing it will create a 75 mile section of 169 without stoplights stretching from north of the Twin Cities to St. Peter.

The project also includes a flyway bridge over 169 in the Sand Creek Township commerce section.

"I'm so pleased Congresswoman Angie Craig proactively reached out to the 169 Corridor Coalition to request this meeting," Chair Burkart noted. "Her commitment to our community, to learn and understand our needs, is greatly appreciated."

He continued, "Representative Craig is supportive of this project, sits on the right committees, is influential and bi-partisan. She is ready to work for us in DC seeking the necessary federal funding that will make this project a reality. I am optimistic she can get this done."

"This project represents critical infrastructure for current and future generations living near and relying on this heavily utilized corridor of commerce. 40% of Minnesota's entire workforce lives within ten miles of Highway 169," Burkart added.

Highlights of the project include:

BUILD Grant Funding Request: $25 million

Total Project Cost: $48.55 million

Project Benefits:

  • Reduce delay by removing the last signal, creating a 75-mile signal free corridor

  • Improve safety

  • Reduce freight delay

  • Reduce emissions

  • Support local communities by connecting residents, local businesses to the Twin Cities Metro

BUILD Grant is for final design, right-of-way acquisition, construction, engineering and construction.

169/282 Improvements

  • A grade-separated interchange at the Trunk Highway (TH) 282/ County Highway (CH) 9 which is a minor arterial connector and a major river crossing of the Minnesota River, which enables the removal of the last signal on US 169 in Scott County.

  • Grade separation of the UP-rail line which is a mainline corridor from the Twin Cities to Omaha, NE

  • Trail and sidewalk throughout the project area connecting housing to retail, goods, and services

  • A roundabout intersection serving as the western ramp termini to CH9 to SB 169, and combines the SB 169 exit ramp to Syndicate Ave with the local frontage road

  • Floodway improvements designed to improve the flood protection and resilience of the infrastructure

  • Stormwater ponding designed to improve water quality for impair waters of Sand Creek and the Minnesota River.

  • Access management on US 169, TH 282 and CH 9

Sand Creek Township Improvements

  • A graded speared overpass of US 169, south of Bluff Drive

  • Extended right turn lanes off US 169

  • northbound and southbound acceleration lanes

  • Completed gaps in the frontage road system on Berkshire, Valley View, and Jordan Ave

  • Closure of 173rd and 166th to US 169

  • Upgrading Valley View Drive, a backage road to a 10 paved roadway to provide connectivity and an alternate freight route between the City and the Industrial area.

US 169 Coalition

  • Project aligns with the mission of the Corridor Coalition: Working together to enhance safety, reduce congestion and maximize economic development along the U.S. Highway 169 interregional corridor.

  • Top priority project

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